American parts found in Iranian drones in Ukraine
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American parts found in Iranian drones in Ukraine

Ukrainian engineers from the city of Dnipro recently investigated a downed Iranian kamikaze drone that Russia is using for its war in Ukraine.

It turned out that American-made chips are inside the drone.

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Volodymyr Yatsenko, the initiator of the project to create the Ukrainian Dovbush drone, reports this on Facebook.

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“The enemy must be known by sight. The engineers of our team joined in the preparation of the “innards” of “Shahid”. The photo shows a digital radio communication device. Some interesting conclusions: the embargo on the supply of high-tech components to Iran has big holes – although the marking on the central processor is worn out, certain signs of 100% indicate that this is a powerful chip manufactured by ALTERA / INTEL,” Dovbush said.

In addition, it is alleged that the drone was designed by specialists trained in the United States.