Fri. Jan 27th, 2023
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Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming increasingly disillusioned with the results of military operations in Ukraine and may take tough and even irreparable steps out of desperation. This was reported by the NBC channel, referring to intelligence data received from US officials.

“He was clearly caught off guard by the scale of the Ukrainian resistance. I worry that he has been cornered and has no retreat plan,” said Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Sources of the publication say that now his behavior is uncharacteristic for a former intelligence officer who is used to controlling emotions: in anger, he rushes at his subordinates, while isolating himself more and more from them.

“The old Putin was a cold-blooded rational killer. The new Putin is even more dangerous,” said a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The stakes of this war are very high, including for the US, writes The Wall Street Journal. , his next goal will be the destruction of NATO,” the editorial says. But, no matter what, the West must continue to provide strong support for the Ukrainian resistance, journalists say.

The Associated Press recalls that just two days ago Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons. Correspondents talked with experts about the reality of such a scenario for the outcome of the Ukrainian war.

“He’s isolated, making bad decisions and losing. And that’s dangerous,” said Geoffrey Lewis, a nuclear policy expert at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies.

James M. Acton, one of the leaders of the Carnegie Endowment’s nuclear policy program, said he did not believe nuclear war was imminent, but there was a real possibility of significant escalation. In his opinion, Putin will use more brutal, but non-nuclear tactics in Ukraine.

By Isrobit