Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
Israeli President Prepares Compromise on Judicial Reform That Will Satisfy Coalition and Opposition

Israeli media report that despite the refusal of the coalition and the opposition to negotiate on judicial reform, it is nevertheless being discussed behind closed doors.

The portal “Valla” writes that under the auspices of President Yitzhak Herzog, leading lawyers are discussing this issue. In February, the Duke proposed a compromise judicial reform, rejected by both the opposition and the coalition. Nevertheless, the president did not give up and organized a platform in his residence where lawyers representing all political spectrums of society discuss judicial reform.

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According to the participants of these negotiations, a compromise was reached on almost all issues. The only topic on which the parties cannot agree in any way is the composition of the commission for the appointment of judges. Justice Minister Yariv Levin is pushing for coalition control of the body. So far, he has not been convinced.

Nevertheless, the Duke is filled with optimism. He hopes to find a solution that would satisfy everyone and publish a compromise in a few days. Ahead of that, the president is trying to mobilize public pressure on coalition and opposition politicians to go along with his plan.

By Isrobit