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Leftist “refusals” on the eve of 7 October damaged the combat capability of the Air Force


It is now virtually officially recognised: the subversive actions of the Left against the government on the eve of 7 October, and especially the refusal of Leftist Air Force officers to submit to reserve service, directly damaged the operational capability of the Air Force.

At a conference held yesterday (10.07.2024) at the Holon Institute of Technology related to training technology, Lieutenant Colonel Yaniv Even reported that “as far as training is concerned… the protests against legal reform have resulted in reservists who are not capable of performing their duties.”

Lieutenant Colonel Yaniv, Commander of the Air Force Air Control and Flight Control School also said the following: “On the day of 7 October we had a poor understanding of what was going on, we had to organise ourselves right on the fly to get into action. On top of that, it turned out that the legal reform protests had created reservists who were not properly trained for their duties. Our defeat should be a starting point for learning lessons. We, as an army, have unequivocally failed.”

In other words, the subversive actions of the (Hamas) Brothers in Arms, the Kaplanists and other left-wing activists, who tried to bring down a legitimately elected right-wing government under the pretext of fighting legal reform, ended up making the “useful idiots” among the Air Force reservists who followed their lead and did not show up for retraining as part of their “protest” unable to fulfil their direct duties at the beginning of the war…

Thus attempts to bypass the results of democratic elections to maintain their privileges and power led Israeli oligarchic circles to directly harm our security, leading in the end to the deaths of hundreds of Israelis…

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