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The Rebbe Declairs: Moshiach has already been revealed!


During his address on the Shabbat of the Torah portion “Vayeira” in the year 5752 (26th October 1991), the Rebbe conveyed a crucial message, the likes of which Chassidim had never heard before: “There is not only the presence of Moshiach, but also his revelation; we simply need to welcome him in practice.” In simple terms, the King Moshiach has already received the command from Hashem to bring the Redemption, and now it remains only to greet him together!

As early as the end of the year 5750, at the beginning of the military actions in the Persian Gulf, the Rebbe clearly stated that this war is referenced in the Midrash “Yalkut Shimoni,” which foretells it will occur in the “year when Moshiach is revealed.” At that same time, the Rebbe prophetically declared to the entire Jewish people: “The time of your Redemption has arrived!”

Throughout the following year (5751), the Rebbe continually reminded us of the words of the Midrash, affirming that the revelation of Moshiach took place that year. When the war ended (on the Shabbat of the Torah portion “Naso”), the Rebbe unequivocally stated that starting from the month of Nissan “we are in the year when Moshiach comes and announces the onset of the Redemption.” Thus, the words of the Midrash were fulfilled. Moshiach has been revealed!

It is noteworthy to observe the striking change in the Rebbe’s behaviour from that point onwards: the Rebbe had always been “displeased” when people openly referred to him as Moshiach. When Chassidim attempted to publish such statements in newspapers, the Rebbe sharply criticised them, stating that it distanced Jews from the study of Chassidut.

However, from the moment the Rebbe announced the revelation of Moshiach in the year 5751, he began to speak openly about the name of Moshiach — Menachem. Moreover, the Rebbe started explicitly stating in his talks that “the leader of our generation (i. e., the Rebbe himself) is the Moshiach of the generation” and began to support lectures and publications on this topic. The Rebbe also gladly accepted the rabbinic ruling that he is Moshiach and began publicly endorsing the Chassidim’s singing of “Yechi Adoneinu… Melech HaMoshiach.” He approved the inclusion in the book “The Message of Redemption” (composed of excerpts from his addresses) of the title “Rebbe, King Moshiach.”

Two days after the Shabbat of “Vayeira,” the Rebbe released a pamphlet titled “The House of Our Teacher in Babylon,” which caused a sensation in the Jewish world. In it, the Rebbe wrote that the leader of our generation is Moshiach, his place is Eastern Parkway 770 in New York, and it is precisely there that the Third Temple will be revealed, from where it will then be transferred to Jerusalem!

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