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There is No Need to Conceal the Identity of the Moshiach!


Many Chassidim refer to “Dvar Malchut“—the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, King Moshiach from 5751-5752 (1991-1992)—as a “continuation of the years 51-52” (similar to the collection by the Rebbe Rashab). This is because these talks by the Rebbe Shlita build upon similar ideas that naturally follow one another. Additionally, the Rebbe adds something new each week.

An example of the Rebbe’s consistent weekly emphasis in 5752 is his discussion on the identity of the Moshiach. It is well known that before this period, the Rebbe rarely spoke about “the leader of the generation being the Moshiach of the generation.” However, from 5752 onwards, this expression is found in almost every address by the Rebbe. “The leader of the generation is the Moshiach of the generation.” This has now become a definitive statement.

During this same period, Chabad Chassidim began publicising the identity of the Moshiach in many countries. This initiative was started by the Chassidim themselves and later developed into what we now call “Kabbalat HaMalchut“—the acceptance of the King Moshiach, involving the entire Jewish people. This marks a departure from previous years when the Rebbe did not permit such publications or discussions about him being the Moshiach. However, in the “year of miracles,” as we refer to 5752, especially during the winter, the Rebbe gradually began to permit this. There are dozens of his approving responses to various individuals, which we have documented extensively.

A clear hint of this can be found in this week’s “Dvar Malchut,” particularly when we consider how the Rebbe edited this talk.

The Rebbe Himself Added the Words that Moshiach is the Leader of the Generation

In point 18, the Rebbe speaks about the need to “open our eyes and see that everything is already prepared for the Redemption.” The Chassidim editors who prepared this publication wrote that the Jews are already sitting at the Almighty’s table “together with our righteous Moshiach (as it is stated in the books that in every generation there is one person from the House of David who is worthy of becoming the Moshiach).” This phrase had already appeared in the Rebbe’s talks, so it was not a new idea. However, when they submitted this text for the Rebbe’s review, as was customary, something extraordinary happened—the Rebbe personally added the following words: “And in our generation—it is the leader of the generation, my father-in-law and teacher, the Rebbe.”

In other words, the time has passed when we could only hint at the identity of the Moshiach; now we can state it directly and even “point with a finger” and say: “Here he is, the Rebbe King Moshiach!”

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