Israel presents evidence of Hamas sex crimes to UN
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Israel presents evidence of Hamas sex crimes to UN

Today, at the initiative of Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, a hearing was held at UN headquarters in New York to expose the atrocities and acts of sexual violence committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

At the beginning of the hearings, Gilad Erdan stated: “On October 7, Israel experienced its worst massacre since the Holocaust. The atrocities committed by Hamas were more barbaric than those of ISIS. The terrorists raped girls and women, and then drove them naked through the streets of Gaza to the applause of the crowd. This was carefully planned in advance.”

The Israeli Ambassador to the UN said: “International organizations that have sworn to protect all women in the world have proven that when it comes to Israeli women, they remain indifferent. In the eyes of these organizations, Israeli women are not women, and raping Israeli women is not rape. “I call for an investigation into UN Women, which has acted with complete indifference towards Israeli women.”

The hearings were attended by ambassadors to the UN from around the world, senior UN officials, and leaders of Israeli Jewish and women’s organizations.

Participants listened to a pre-recorded address from former US First Lady and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Shestated: “I am proud to be part of the effort to bring awareness to this important issue. As you know, many women and girls were brutally attacked by Hamas on October 7, and survivors have testified about gender-based violence.”

Hillary Clinton stressed: “The international community must respond to the weaponization of sexual violence. There can be no justification for this. Rape as a tool of war is a crime against humanity. Such atrocities have no place in any society or conflict.”

Clinton added: “Organizations, governments and civilians committed to a better future for women and girls have a responsibility to condemn all violence against women. It is shocking that those who claim to be committed to justice turn a blind eye and a blind heart to the suffering of the victims of Hamas crimes.”

Speaking at the hearingwas the deputy head of the special unit of the Israeli police “Lahav 433”, which is engaged in the investigation a> these terrible crimes. She presented photographic and video evidence, and also voiced testimonies of survivors at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Reim.

Along with her, evidence was presented by members of the military rabbinate and the volunteer organization ZAKA.