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    Biden offered Putin part of Ukraine in exchange for peace

    On Thursday, February 2, the American edition of Newsweek reported , citing sources in the White House and the CIA, that the publication of the German-Swiss edition of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), according to which the head of the CIA, William Burns, offered Russian President Vladimir Putin 20 percent of the territory of Ukraine in exchange for the end of hostilities is not true. According to the material, which is based on anonymous statements by high-ranking German politicians, Burns did not act of his own free will, but on behalf of US President Joe Biden. In January, he traveled…

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    Russia asks Israel not to interfere with the transfer of weapons from Syria to Ukraine

    Gili Cohen, a correspondent for the Israeli TV channel Kan-11, stated in a news release that Russia and Israel continue to discuss the Russian special operation in Ukraine. According to ISRObit , in recent talks, Russia and Israel discussed the transfer of Russia’s “strategic weapons” from Syria to Ukraine. Gili Cohen, citing an unnamed source familiar with the content of these negotiations, said that the Russian side asked Israel not to interfere with their transfer and not to interfere in this process.

  • Russia vs Ukraina & NATO

    Zelensky announced the possibility of negotiations with Russia: I must “return everything”

    According to CNN, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky announced the possibility of negotiations with Russia. True, he again listed a number of conditions. “I did not close the door for negotiations – ed. note … But I said that we would be ready to talk … with another Russia – one that would be truly ready for peace … Which is ready to return everything. Earth , freedom, money. And most importantly, justice,” Zelensky said. – Our telegram channel “ Isrobit News Word ” & “Ukraine Russia War“ He also added that so far he had not heard expressions of such readiness from…

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    Withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson could be the first step towards a peace deal with Ukraine

    According to this version, in the coming days, the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine will begin to decline. After that, negotiations will take place between Russia and Ukraine, the result of which will be the freezing of the conflict according to the Transnistrian scenario. The problem is that all these agreements were informal. And Zelensky is tempted to take advantage of our withdrawal from Kherson without making a counter step. But then this can lead to a number of problems with the overseas masters of Ukraine.Back in October, insider information appeared that, at closed talks, Washington was demanding that Moscow…

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    American parts found in Iranian drones in Ukraine

    Ukrainian engineers from the city of Dnipro recently investigated a downed Iranian kamikaze drone that Russia is using for its war in Ukraine. It turned out that American-made chips are inside the drone. Volodymyr Yatsenko, the initiator of the project to create the Ukrainian Dovbush drone, reports this on Facebook. Our telegram channel – Ukraine Russia War “The enemy must be known by sight. The engineers of our team joined in the preparation of the “innards” of “Shahid”. The photo shows a digital radio communication device. Some interesting conclusions: the embargo on the supply of high-tech components to Iran has…

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    Putin signed laws on the admission of new territories to Russia

    President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed federal constitutional laws on the admission of new territories to the Russian Federation and on the formation of new subjects of the Federation. This was reported on October 5 by the Russian media. Our telegram channel – “Ukraine Russia War“ Russia included the self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk regions, as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. This happened after a referendum was held in each of these regions.

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    The EU will exclude from sanctions the transit of goods to Kaliningrad

    The European Union (EU) and Russia have agreed on the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region. As high-ranking sources from the Russian side told Izvestia, Brussels provided a document that “completely satisfied” Moscow . There, in particular, it is indicated that it is impossible to restrict the movement of goods between parts of the Russian Federation. “This document says that it is impossible to restrict the movement of goods between the subjects of the Russian Federation. That is, all goods going to the region will be removed as an exception from the sanctions lists. We are talking about both…

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    Azerbaijan closed the sky for Russian military aircraft

    Russian warplanes are forced to change air routes as Azerbaijan has closed its airspace. The Azeri Times writes about this. It is reported that in this way Baku intends to disrupt the transportation of military cargo between the Russian Federation and Armenia. “Azerbaijan has closed its airspace to Russian military aircraft. As a result, Russian military aircraft carrying military supplies from Armenia to Russia are forced to fly over Iran and the Caspian Sea on their way to Rostov. At the same time, despite the fact that neither the Azerbaijani nor the Russian government has issued official statements on this…