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Residents of the Gaza Strip will be targeted by the IDF if they participate in Hamas crimes

We are talking about the assistance provided by Palestinian Arabs to militants holding Israeli hostages captive.

According to Channel 13, the IDF warned residents of the Gaza Strip that anyone who takes hostages in their home will no longer be classified as a civilian. Such individuals will be considered legitimate targets in the context of counter-terrorism operations.

ISRObit reports that after the swap deal, which led to the release of 70 hostages, it was revealed that civilians in the Gaza Strip were actively involved in the practice harboring hostages, which was an unexpected and widespread occurrence. In light of this, the IDF issued a statement that anyone found holding hostages in their home, regardless of their motives, would be classified as a terrorist. Their house is scheduled to be demolished.

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The IDF official, who wished to remain anonymous, took the allegations against them very seriously. They said that if it was determined that the hostages were being held captive by a private individual, they would collect information about that person and take appropriate action against him as a terrorist.

Recently there were reports that an employee of the United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA), a teacher and a doctor were taken hostage. One of the hostages, who was held in the attic for almost fifty days, said that an UNRWA teacher with ten children rationed food and neglected to provide him with necessary medications while he was held captive. In addition, another kidnapped person was being held by a doctor from Gaza.